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Dear Customers,


Attached you will find independent lab results from the testing of our powder coated bird cages found on the web site for the Charcoal, Off White, Forest Green, and Sandstone colors. 


Because of a widespread concern we and our customers share regarding the lead and zinc content of powder coated bird cage products, we contacted an INDEDPENDENT local laboratory facility in Neenah, WI (USA, NOT CHINA!), to conduct an INDEPENDENT test to show the composition of our bird cage coatings.

I would like to help explain the findings in the downloadable report below.   It is the United States Government EPA standard that products less than 600 PPM (parts per million) have an acceptable level of lead and zinc content.  This includes items such as bird cages, clothing, children’s toys, etc.  Anything less than this is considered an insignificant, non harmful level according to the US Government Standards.

As you can see by the results of this test, the instrument sensitivity used by the laboratory that we had test the powder coating are capable of testing up to 12 PPM to 147 PPM which is more than 4 times as stringent as the EPA’s mandated 600 PPM level.  The testing done by the independent laboratory showed that there was NO LEVEL OF LEAD OR ZINC detected at or above the 12-147 PPM level that their instruments are capable of measuring.  So, essentially the samples tested passed with flying colors and did not even show ANY measurable lead or zinc at even these incredible stringent standards.

We were very pleased with these results, and we hope that our customers take comfort in the fact that we are carefully inspecting the quality of our bird cage products and looking out for the safety of their animals.


Please keep in mind that we custom order these enclosures to exact specifications.  However, some other resellers sell other enclosures which may be very similar, but are probably not made in the same factory ours are.  If you look really closely at the pictures, there are usually small differences you can see.  Maybe the wire spacing, maybe the doors are different, slightly different dimensions, etc.  Many of the factories that make these types of cages copy each other; however do not hold themselves to the same standards.  We are very confident in the quality of our factory; however we do not just take their word for it.  We have independent lab results which show that the bird cages that we sell do not have any measurable amount of lead and zinc content in the powder coating.

One more thing to consider.  Although our colors are uniquely made for our company, many other resellers use the same name for their color in another attempt to trick customers into thinking they are selling the same enclosures, even though they are not made from the same factory that holds the high standards ours does, and chances are don’t even look quite the same.  These test results ONLY APPLY to the colors specified on the attached results sheet for cages purchased from the web site. 


Remember, is owned and operated by, the nation’s largest and most reputable build to order high end cage manufacturer.  We’ve built custom enclosures for Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo, ABC’s Extreme Makeover : Home Edition, MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Sand Diego Zoo, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and the list goes on and on.  The same people building high end cages for research and sell the bird cages on the low budget web site.  This test result is one more reason to believe that because you are getting a cage from, you are getting high end service and quality, for low budget cages.  We go a step beyond the competition to give you the best service and value for your money.


Thank you,



Adam Keller

Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC


Download Zinc and Lead Test Results