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About our Cages

1) All cages are NON-TOXIC and BIRD SAFE.
2) All cages are wrought iron and powder coated with a heavy powder coating, with the exception of Stainless Steel (Grade 304 Surgical Stainless Steel) and Hybrid cages which are made with an anodized aluminum frame and your choice of panel materials.
3) All dimensions listed do NOT INCLUDE seed guards - seed guards will add approximately 3" - 4" to the depth and width of the cage.
4) All cages are designed with both horizontal and vertical bars - this way your bird can climb and slide on the cage.
5) All seed trays are removable.
6) All cages require assembly

Click below to see a close up of the feeder doors and front locks.

Bird Cage Feeder Door Open Bird Cage Feeder Door Closed Closeup of Bird Cage Lock

How to Select a Cage

Since birds are mostly long-range animals in the wild, when selecting a size for a birdcage it is generally recommended to choose the largest size possible that you can afford or fit in your house. Once you have selected the appropriate size, you will want to make sure you have selected all the options necessary to give your pet a healthy environment as soon as you receive it. We have created some guidelines to help you so there is nothing you forget when ordering.

1) Select the largest cage you can get.
2) Remember that this is your bird's new home. You would not want to live in a small space.
3) Bar spacing is critical for the type of bird you are buying. If you are not sure what the correct spacing should be for your bird please feel free to call or e-mail us with the species and we can advise you accordingly.
4) Color does not matter to the bird - get the color you like best.
5) Make sure the cage can hold the right amount of toys for your bird. Your bird will need toys and distractions and to keep it active, a bored bird is very unhealthy.

Setting up Cage Furniture

We have a full selection of natural objects such as roots and driftwood, as well as our Replica™ Furniture line, and toys. The natural objects can create a very realistic and unique display. We recommend objects that are non-porous that will tend not to harbor bacteria. Hardwood and concrete perches work well for this. We also recommend using perches of several different size diameters to prevent your pet's feet from cramping and losing flexibility. Our line of Replica™ Furniture has many advantages as well. First, it can be much safer for your pet than natural objects. Natural objects that are porous tend to harbor dangerous bacteria and insects. Spider mites, for example, are a very serious threat to birds if they are introduced to your cage. Our Replica™ Furniture will not be a likely place for them to burrow and spread. Our Replica™ Furniture is also very realistic. All of the items were molded from actual objects found in the wilderness and take on the exact shape. They are nontoxic and are made with a very strong and durable material and can easily withstand the weight of large birds. The Replica™ Furniture does require more cleaning than perches because of the small diameter perches usually have. Large, destructive birds may be able to chew the Replica™ Furniture which is another point to consider. It is recommended to clean and disinfect all cage furniture often. (See the "Replica" section for more details.)


Toys are a very important part of your bird setup. Mental and physical stimulation is a key aspect to keeping your bird healthy. There are a lot of products out there, some safer than others. We do not recommend toys that can come loose or be swallowed, such as poorly crafted bells and other similar chew toys. Any kind of toys with rope loops or key rings, etc. that have the potential to accidentally strangle your pet are also a bad idea. We recommend as many safe perches and bird toys as you can afford and fit in your cage to keep your pet active and energetic. Now that you can finally afford the kind of space your pet needs, why not use it!


Our patent pending Friendly Feeder® system is the perfect solution for food and water. You can access it externally without having to go into the cage. This makes a lot of our customers more comfortable having friends look after the bird when they are out of town because they do not have to risk the bird being aggressive towards them. Since food and water application would have a separate feeder, the risk of cross contamination of food and water is minimal. The external design also makes it very difficult for the bird to waste in their water. This is a very important consideration. (See the "Replica Furniture" section for more details.) We also have many customizable features not available anywhere else, like the Rotating Feeder®, disposable liners, cage covers, etc.

Lighting Recommendations

Proper lighting in your bird enclosure is very important. Full spectrum lighting not only helps you see more vivid coloration of your animal, but can dramatically affect the health and psychology of your pet. Many materials such as glass in windows or plastic light covers are made to filter the broad range of spectrum birds need. Even a cage placed near a window will not get a sufficient amount of UVA/UVB light by the time it reaches the inside of the cage. Birds as well as reptiles and many other animals use UVB in the synthesis of vitamin D3, a critical element for the metabolizing of calcium in your pet's body. Feather and toe picking, restlessness and agitation, decreased immune response, and shortened life span are all symptoms that can be attributed to a lack of proper lighting for birds. Some studies show dramatic improvements in breeding with birds that are exposed to full spectrum light when compared with deprived birds. Most bulbs made for personal use are not designed to emit the range of UVA/UVB birds need because humans receive an ample dose when exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis. In addition, many fluorescent fixtures sold commercially come with a plastic protective cover. This plastic cover will filter the UVA/UVB spectrum you are trying to give your animal even if you have a full spectrum bulb in the fixture. That is why we created a series of wire guards made to fit the fixtures that we sell. This way you can protect your animal from damaging the fixture without filtering the light. (See the "Lighting" section for more details.)