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Bird Carrier

You’re ready to welcome your new parrots home. You’ve set up a breeder bird cage and corner bird cage in your living room. You’ve even filled the breeder bird cages with several toys, feeders, perches, swings and everything else you could think of to make your pet’s home a paradise. You step back to admire your breeder bird cages and corner bird cage.

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While you may think you’re 100% prepared, it appears you have forgotten one important item: a bird carrier. Why on earth would you need bird carriers?  Won’t these beautiful breeder bird cages and corner cage be your pets’ long-term home? Maybe. But everyone needs to get out of the house once in a while.

5 Reasons You Need a Bird Carrier

Bird carriers can be used to…

1.       Bring your pet home. Before your bird will even have the chance to enjoy the cozy breeder bird cage or corner cage you’ve prepared, he will need to get there! Your new pet deserves a safe, comfortable ride from his old home to yours. A bird carrier offers just such an opportunity.

2.       Take your pet to the veterinarian. Your pets will need regular veterinarian checkups. If they get sick, they will also need to see an avian doctor. Since most veterinarians don’t make house calls anymore, your pet will be forced to leave his breeder bird cages once again.

3.       Transport young parrots to a new home. If you are breeding parrots, you could offer to give your babies a ride to their new home in your bird carriers. This ensures that they will arrive at their new destination safely and with as little trauma as possible.

4.       Transport your parrots to a boarding facility. Do you ever plan on taking a vacation? If so, someone will need to care for your parrots. Many people choose to leave their birds at a special avian boarding facility. Once again, you’re pet will need to leave his corner bird cage, and take a ride in a bird carrier.

5.       Take your parrots for a drive or field trip. Everyone likes to get out of the house and see the world. Your parrot is no different. One day you may just feel the urge to take your feathered companions on a country drive or field trip. The safest way to do this is to place your pets in bird carriers while in the car.