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Earn Tons of Cash with the Affiliate Program!Do Practially Nothing and Earn Tons of Cash! has one of the easiest and most generous affiliate programs available anywhere on the world wide web.  All you have to do is put a banner or link on your home page, chat room, Facebook page, blog, or anywhere on the internet linking to our web site! You can get 5% - 10% commission (depending on total dollar amount spent) if a customer who clicks on your link ends up ordering a product from us, and you don't have to handle the sale at all! Our web site will keep track of that customer for months, once a customer clicks on your link, so long as the customer does not delete the cookies on their computer – and that means you will get commission for the order!  You will still get credit for the sale even if the customer orders 364 days later! We will give you login information to track your commissions once we get your first order! It’s as easy as that - any time you want, you will be able to log in and see who the order came from, make a request payment, and most importantly – see how much commission you have coming to you, amongst other things! 

DOUBLE Your Money as an EXTRA Bonus…!Double Your Money if you use your commissions for product!
If you have always wanted one of our awesome enclosures, but haven’t been able to work it into your budget, now is the PERFECT TIME to get our products for FREE by building enough credits! For every dollar you accumulate in affiliate commissions by people clicking the links on your web pages, will count as DOUBLE if you use them towards the purchase of any of our cages or accessories! 

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Huge Advantages of The CUFD Affiliate Program:

Unlimited Links equal cash at CagesUnder500Dollars.comLinks – Unlimited

Create as many links or banners as you want, and place them practically anywhere you like on the internet!  We have easy instructions (and even a help desk) to instruct you, or help you create you own links that will point to any of the pages on our website.  More links = more customer clicks = more sales = more commissions & money for you!  Our help desk can also send you custom banners with your affiliate ID link embedded, or create your own banners and embed your affiliate ID link to make huge commissions.  Even if you don’t have a web site yet, links / banners can be put on blogs, in chat forums/rooms, on Facebook pages, basically anywhere, and you will get a commission for EVERY purchase that a customer who clicks on your link makes! 

Great CommissionsGreat commissions with the CagesUnder500Dollars affiliate program!
Ever notice that most affiliate programs’ average commission is just 2-5%.  Well at Our commission STARTS at 5% and climbs all the way up to 10%!  Most other affiliate websites (usually) have an average sale of around about $150, which results in very small commissions of between $3 & $7 bucks per order. The average sale on is $700 to $800… which means you can earn commissions of around $40 on average for EACH and EVERY order!  You can even combine your total commissions from both the and the affiliate programs! Our average order on CagesByDesign is $1500 to $2000. may have smaller order totals, but it has a higher order frequency. And, as an added bonus, if you choose to apply these commissions towards our products, they count as DOUBLE cash! If you have $500 in commissions you would count that as $1000 if you were to place an order with us instead of getting a check! Click here for our commissions page to find out about our commission level breakdown.

Transparency – Totally!
Once a customer places their first order using your link, we will email you login information to our very reliable, and trustworthy third party affiliate tracking web site so you can view your total commissions and order statuses. (Please note: it can take up to 2 business days for orders to post to the affiliate tracking headquarters once placed).  But, you can see exactly how much money you are going to have coming, even while you wait for a transaction to be completed and while the customer waits to receive their order!  We can also even email you automatically whenever a customer places a new order so you can check up on how your commissions are doing!  We WANT you to have commissions/cash in your account!  The better you do in sales, the better we do as a company, and vice versa!

365 Day Time Limit
Unlike most affiliate programs on the web, we have a 365-day-long time limit.  A lot of affiliate programs will put a 30 days or less time limit from the date the customer clicks on a link to the date they make a purchase for the affiliate to receive their commission.  We have an unheard of YEAR LONG time limit, so as long as the customer doesn’t delete the cookies from their computer our affiliate tracking software will track that customer for the whole year, and you will get commissions for any orders they place!  Our cookies don’t expire until 12 months later, not a measly thirty days.

Risk? What Risk?
It costs nada to get signed up. Nothing! All you have to do to participate is simply put a link on your web page, Facebook page, chat room – wherever – or you can do an all out email marketing campaign that could create you thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of commissions! YAY FREE MONEY!  How much you earn is totally up to you – no fees, no fuss, so you can JOIN NOW and be a super-rich affiliate in no time! 

Awesome Technical AssistanceAwesome Technical Assistance

We are not a huge chain store the likes of Amazon or Wally-World.  In fact, we are a family run small business with LIVE, United States located, full-time live customer service and support, where someone is always here (during business hours) that you can actually call and talk to. Amazing huh! Our trained associates can help you with the process of getting set up as an affiliate, or help you in creating links, banners, and they can even send you email copy that you can turn around and send to your customers that will make even more molar for YOU!  In fact, the very hardest thing you will have to do is hope off your computer and walk to your mail box to collect your huge fat commission checks! Our staff can also provide you with tricks and tips as well as guides to show you how to most effectively create and siphon traffic with your custom affiliate links, as well as how to maximize the time you spend building your commissions. We look at each and every one of our affiliates as valuable business partners and know that the better you do in commissions, the better we do as a business, and vice versa!

Sign Up Today: No Need to Wait!Sign up today ad!
What are you waiting for? Come join our other affiliates making tons of cash RIGHT NOW! What do you have to lose? There are no fees, nor any overhead, and we even take care of any customer questions, handle all the customer sales, stock and ship all the inventory – everything from whoa to go! All you have to do is link them to us!  Being an affiliate at is like having your very own money tree in the back yard – and you don’t even need to water it!  




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