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Why buy from us?


You might find the same cages on the web site elsewhere on the internet, however the vast majority of these web sites are affiliate based hobby web sites that people run in their spare time.  They some times don’t even have a phone number and rarely respond to their emails.  You may place an order and never receive any kind of response at all and wonder if you are ever going to get your product.

NOT US! is owned and operated by, the USA ’s largest build to order bird and reptile enclosure manufacturer.  Cages by Design specializes in high end bird and reptile cages that are in the $1,000 - $5,000 range.  CBD has been around for over 10 years now selling thousands of high end customized cages across the country, and the world.  We have sold to high profile clients such as Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo, Disney, Ringling Brothers Circus,Busch Gardens Tampa, San Diego Zoo, Six Flags, Sea World, and have been featured on several television shows such as: ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Fox’s Rennovate My Family to name a few. And what we are most proud of, all of these organizations chose Cages By Design based on our reputation for high quality products. NONE of the above mentioned organizations were paid for their testimonials or to showcase our products!

CBD has 10 full time employees under a 18,000 square foot production facility. CBD also has full time customer service and sales representatives that are experts in the caging industry.  This web site was create to cater to our customers who might have a little tighter budget than the cages offered on the web site.

Our prices on this site are usually by far the lowest you will see anywhere, but some times they will be off by a few dollars.  However, most other sites do not have full time customer service experts ready to take your call, respond quickly to your emails, help you customize your enclosure, or help you track down your products.  When you call, we answer!

We also have many customizable features not available anywhere else, like the Patented Friendly Feeder® and Rotating Feeder®, disposable liners, cage covers, etc.

We are happy to make these products available to everyone and look forward to servicing your needs!

Adam Keller




We are number one in caging because we are the best at what we do.  It is that simple!


The exact same service and expertise customers receive with their high end build to order multi thousand dollar cages at is given at  Now you can get the same high end service with discounted cages!  The same phone number, the same people answering the phone.  Our full time customer service representatives are animal expert enthusiasts and owners who's full time job is to help customers choose which cage is best for them...  all day, every day.