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Victorian Top Birdcage

As a parrot owner, your goal should be to have a well-socialized pet bird. Invest time in teaching your bird to adapt to different situations and people. In this way, he will be a delight to have around friends, guests and family members. An adaptable bird is easier to travel with and take on short trips.

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In the beginning, try to get your pet use to different surroundings slowly and cautiously. Remember: birds are timid creatures that are easily startled and unsure of new surroundings. Start by taking your pet out of his Victorian top birdcage or octagon birdcage and into different rooms of the house. This will help him get use to different colors of paint, various types of wallpaper and a variety of furnishings. Allow your pet to investigate each room for an extended period of time. Be careful not to overwhelm your parrot. After 15 -20 minutes of exploring, return him to his divided birdcage or Victorian top birdcage. Before long your pet will begin to realize that it’s okay to venture outside of his octagon birdcages or Victorian top birdcages, as he will always safely return home.


Helping Your Bird Explore Outside His Victorian Top Birdcage

Once your pet is use to all the different rooms in your house, try taking him out of his divided birdcage or corner birdcage to your neighbor’s house. It is also a good idea to help your pet get use to different types of people. An adaptable bird should be friendly and sociable to everyone he or she comes in contact with. When friends come over, remove your pet from his Victorian top birdcage and allow him to meet your guests. Teach him how to step off of your hand and on to someone else’s arm in a graceful manner.

If your bird is timid, be careful not to over socialize him as this could cause him to become stressed. After 10-15 minutes of “meeting new people,” place your pet back inside his Victorian top birdcage or octagon birdcages where he feels safe.