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Stainless Birdcages

Every parrot owner wants a well-behaved bird to grace their life and home. No one dreams about having an ill-mannered, screaming parrot in their stainless birdcages or Victorian top birdcages.

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However, a parrot does not learn how to behave properly by osmosis. He has to be taught. And the teaching part is all up to you. You can teach your pet while he is in his stainless steel birdcage or Victorian top birdcage, or when you take him out. The important thing to remember is that you are always “teaching” your bird. He is constantly watching you and learning from your cues and non-verbal signals. Whether you are feeding your pet in his stainless birdcages or if you are simply cleaning his Victorian top birdcage, your parrot is picking up on all kinds of behaviors.

Like any training, there will be times when your bird challenges you. He may refuse to come out of his stainless birdcages when you ask him to. He may bite you when he gets annoyed. Or he may indulge in other behavior that is simply not appropriate for the domestic setting. If these behaviors occur only once or twice, a firm rebuke may do the trick. If these behaviors start becoming the norm, you will have to take action.


Removing Your Bird From His Stainless Birdcages for Naughty Behavior

If your bird starts misbehaving regularly, you may need to remove him from his familiar stainless birdcages or Victorian top birdcages for a “time-out.” The time-out stainless steel birdcage should be placed in an isolated room. It should not have any toys or playthings in it with the exception of a perch. When your bird misbehaves, quietly place him in this stainless steel birdcage or Victorian top birdcage and close the door. Leave your pet alone for 10 minutes before retrieving him. These time-out sessions will teach your bird that socially unacceptable behavior will result in him being removed from his “flock” (you). It shouldn’t take your pet long to catch on.

Important Tip: Never leave your bird in the time out stainless steel birdcage for more than 10 minutes. After this length of time, your bird will forget about his misdemeanor and wonder why he is locked up alone.