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Stacked Bird Cages

The day you bring your new parrot home is always exciting. Hopefully, by this time your stacked bird cages are set up and completely furnished. Your supplies are neatly stored underneath your stainless steel bird cages or stainless bird cages. That’s great! It looks like you’ve done everything right in preparing for your new family member.

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But here are a few more tips to make your bird’s transition to your home go as smoothly as possible.


Making Your Parrots Feel Safe in their Stacked Bird Cages

Transitioning to a new home can be intimidating for any parrot. They have a new environment, a new stainless bird cage or stainless steel bird cage and new people. After bringing your bird home, be sure the first week is fairly calm and quiet. Let your bird relax in his stainless steel bird cages or stacked bird cages. Don’t throw a big party or invite the neighbor kids over to visit right away. Give your bird time or acclimate.

Be sure that the stainless bird cage or stainless steel bird cage is placed in a quiet corner of the house. This does not mean you should isolate your bird. Ideally, the stainless steel bird cages should close to all the activity but not directly in the middle of it. Some parrots are timid and will be easily frightened by new people are large objects. Be sensitive to this and try to make your parrot feel as safe as possible inside her stainless bird cage.

Introduce your parrot to everyone in your house one at a time. Let them get acquainted slowly. Some parrots love constant interaction and time outside their stainless steel bird cage or stacked bird cages. Others are shyer and prefer to attach themselves to only one primary caregiver.

Take your time getting to know your bird and allow your parrot to get to know you as well. If you respect one another, you’ll be off to a great start!