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Stacked Bird Cage

Bringing your new parrot home and introducing her to her stacked bird cage or stainless bird cage is an exiting adventure. You can’t help but imagine how much fun you & your bird will have together.

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In order to have a thriving relationship with your parrot, you need to make sure she has a smooth transition. There are so many new sights, smells and surroundings for your bird to get use to. In the first place, her stainless bird cage or stacked bird cage is completely foreign. Your bird needs to get adjusted and acclimated to her surroundings.


Introducing Your Parrot to Her Stacked Bird Cage

Before bringing your pet home, make sure the stacked bird cages or stainless bird cages are completely ready. They should be assembled and placed exactly where you want them. Nothing is more frightening for a bird than someone trying to move their stacked bird cages while they are inside. So be sure your stacked bird cages or stainless bird cage is centered on the wall or wherever you want them.

The stainless bird cages or stacked bird cages should also be fully furnished. Swings and perches should already be installed.  Food dishes should be screwed to the side of the stacked bird cage or placed in the corners. Toys and other play items are ideal, as they will instantly grab your parrot’s attention.

If you want your parrot to feel right at home, start by feeding her a treat as soon as you place her in the stacked bird cage or stainless bird cage. This will help you gain your parrots trust faster.

After placing your bird in his stacked bird cages or stainless bird cage, sit back and watch him explore. Allow your pet plenty of time to get settled in and feel comfortable.

Congratulations! You are well on your way to building a lasting relationship with your pet.