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Stacked Birdcages

Life with a parrot can be a pleasant dream or a horrific nightmare. What determines each scenario? Believe it or not, you do! Many people start off as bird owners with great excitement and enthusiasm. They eagerly purchase top of the line stacked birdcages or a Victorian top birdcage with all the accessories. They may even spend a sizeable chunk of change on the bird himself. Then they bring their pet home, place him is his playtop birdcage and totally forget about him for weeks at a time.

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A parrot that is left alone in his playtop birdcages or stainless birdcage for long periods of time will become irritable, aggressive and shy. When you occasionally get around to taking your pet out of his stacked birdcages or playtop birdcages for some fun, your pet will be defensive and scared. That’s no life for a parrot.

Here’s how it should be…

As soon as you bring your new pet home and place her in the stacked birdcages, you should begin bonding. Handle your bird frequently. Take her rout of the Victorian top birdcage or stainless birdcage often. Train her. Play with her and love her. Your bird will return the favor.


Making Your Parrot & Stacked Birdcages the Center of Your Home

Your bird deserves to have priority in your life. This means you should provide your pet with the best of care—clean his stacked birdcages often, offer plenty of nutritious food and provide your bird with companionship. Beyond that, it is also important that you take your pet out of his Victorian top birdcages or playtop birdcages for regular training sessions. When training your pet, keep commands short, simple and easy to understand. When teaching your bird how to step onto your hand, use the command “up.” This is short and easy for your pet to remember.

When raising a parrot, one of the most important things is to remember to have fun together. After all, your parrot will be a long-time friend and companion.