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Stackable Bird Cage

Keeping your home smelling fresh is a challenge every parrot owner faces. Part of the reason this is so difficult is because parrots are sensitive to smells. You can’t just spray air freshener around your stackable bird cage or stacked bird cage and call it good. This method could actually do more harm than good. Since a parrot’s respiratory tract is so sensitive, air freshener could cause serious illness or death. Scented candles are another thing you should avoid. Never light a scented candle anywhere near your stackable bird cages or stacked bird cages. Otherwise, you could wake up to a dead bird.

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How to Keep Your Stackable Bird Cage Smelling Fresh—Naturally

So if you cannot use aerosol air fresheners, or scented candles, what can you do to ensure your home doesn’t start to reek? Here are a few tips:

1.       Keep the stackable bird cage or stacked bird cage clean. As simple as it sounds this is the most effective way to keep the house fresh. Clean your stackable bird cage daily. This includes all trays, feeding dishes and the floor.

2.       Use an air purifier. Some birds tend to have more feather dust than others. This includes Cockatoos and African Greys. If you own one of these birds, or seem to sneeze every time you go near your stackable bird cages or stacked bird cages, you may want to invest in an air purifier system.

Boil some herbs or spices. Yes, many smells are harmful to your bird. Any type of chemical or synthetic scent should never be let near your stackable bird cage or stainless bird cage. However, you can use natural scents to achieve the same affects—only without the danger to your bird. If you notice your home is starting to smell musty, or just too much like a chicken coop, simmer some cinnamon, cloves or ginger on the stove. The aroma will make your house smell delicious. The scent will not harm your parrots since it is completely natural.