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Stackable Birdcage

You recently bought a brand new stackable birdcage for your parrot. After assembling all the parts and arranging the cage furniture you are ready to bring your baby home. Your trip to the breeders is safe and uneventful. As soon as you return home, you play your bird in his stainless birdcage or stackable birdcage. You make sure he has plenty of food and water then leave him alone to explore his surroundings and become familiar with his new stackable birdcage or Victorian top birdcage.

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Throughout the day you pull up a chair and sit next to the stainless birdcages or stackable birdcages, talking softly to your bird. He stares at you, still looking puzzled and a bit confused at his new surroundings. At bedtime, you wish your pet goodnight and carefully cover the Victorian top birdcage or stackable birdcages.

After breakfast the next morning, you plan to take your pet out of his stackable birdcage so the two of you can become better acquainted. You open the stackable birdcage door and try to lure your pet into your hand. To your surprise, your parrot refuses to have anything to do with you. It appears as though he simply does not want to come out of his Victorian top birdcage or stainless birdcages.


What To Do When Your Parrot Refuses to Leave His Stackable Birdcage

A bird who is afraid to leave his Victorian top birdcage or stackable birdcages, may hang upside down from the roof. He may cower in the corner or cling to the side. If he really feels threatened, your parrot may try to bite or lunge at you. While this situation may seem intimating, it is not too hard to handle if you know how. The best thing to do is take a towel and wrap it around your bird. Then gently pull him out of his stackable birdcage. Be sure to talk softly and gently as you do this. The towel will prevent your bird from struggling and will protect you from needless scratches and bites. Before long, your pet will realize that you are safe to be around. He’ll start to look forward to the times he gets to explore outside his stackable birdcage or stainless birdcages.