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Scalloptop Bird Cages

If you own a parrot, it can be a challenge to keep their scalloptop bird cages or stackable bird cages smelling fresh. This makes it difficult to keep your house smelling good as well.

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However, not all stackable bird cages or stacked bird cages stink. What it really boils down to is how much time and effort you spend trying to keep these scalloptop bird cages clean.

You should clean your scalloptop bird cages or stacked bird cages at least every other day. Clean the floor, empty the food dishes and give everything a quick wipe. Be careful not to leave rotting food inside your stacked bird cage or stackable bird cage. Not only could this make your pet ill, it will also stink badly. Fruit, cheese and other perishable food should be removed from your scalloptop bird cages a few hours after dinnertime.


Keeping Your Scalloptop Bird Cages Smelling Fresh

When trying to keep your stacked bird cages or stackable bird cages smelling fresh, be sure to avoid the use of scented air fresheners. Birds have extremely sensitive respiratory tracts. Strong smells and irritating scents can actually kill them. Avoid things like aerosol air fresheners, carpet fresheners or scented oils. If you spray these around your scalloptop bird cages your pet could become seriously ill.

To be on the safe side, avoid keeping these types of items in your house. Don’t forget that smell travels—quickly. Although you may spray the air freshener in the bedroom, the scent could easily travel straight to your stackable bird cage or stacked bird cage in the living room. Also, if you let your bird have some cage-free time, he could walk into a room full of an overwhelming scent.

The best way to keep your home smelling fresh is to clean your scalloptop bird cages or stacked bird cages on a regular basis. Hot soapy water and a garbage can will go a long ways in making your home & birdcage smell fresh.