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Scalloptop Bird Cage

As a parrot owner, you simply love artwork and photographs featuring various types of birds. Next to your scalloptop bird cage you have several framed parrot pictures.  Since you are rearranging your home, you plan to move your scalloptop bird cage and stackable bird cage to another wall where there is more space. This will enable you to hang additional parrot pictures close to your scalloptop bird cages and stackable bird cages.

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If you are in love with parrot pictures, calendars are a good place to find extra snapshots to cut out and frame.

Decorate Your Scalloptop Bird Cage

One creative way to make your home look like the residence of a true parrot lover is to hang numerous pictures of parrots around the house. Believe it or not April 8th is Draw a Picture of Your Bird Day. That’s right! This is an actual holiday. And you can use it to your advantage. Why not invite a couple of friends over and have fun trying to draw your parrots? Set up a table next to their scalloptop bird cages or stackable bird cages. Lay out a variety of paints, brushes, pencils and paper. See how well you are able to resemble your feathery friend.  

Expecting your parrot to “pose” for a long period of time is unrealistic. Here are several natural poses you can strive for:

1.       Playing. Watch your pet as he plays in his stacked bird cage or scalloptop bird cage. Try to capture a cute pose or position that will make your friends laugh. Remember the goal here is not to draw a perfect picture—just try to have fun with your parrots.

2.       Eating. This is something parrots do a lot. So sit back for a few minutes and watch your pet as he eats in his stackable bird cages. Once a pose strikes your fancy, ingrain it in your memory and start drawing.

After you are done painting your pictures, hang them up around your scalloptop bird cage or stacked bird cage. You’ll get a kick out of looking at them for a few weeks. If you really can’t stand any of the pictures, give them to your bird. He’ll be delighted and you will have a pile of shredded paper to clear out of his scalloptop bird cage or stacked cage.