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Scalloped Top Bird Cage

Are your parrots overweight? Is your 15 year old macaw starting to put on some pounds? Do you notice your parrots’ activity levels slowing down and their appetites speeding up? Unfortunately, excessive weight gain is just as detrimental to parrots as it is to humans. Obesity can cause all sorts of health problems. No doubt, your goal is to keep your parrot as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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The first step to doing this is to make sure your birds receive plenty of exercise.

Perhaps you know your parrot is overweight. But you simply love watching him eat—and he loves eating. Your stackable bird cages and flight bird cages look like a gourmet restaurant. There are various bowls and feeding dishes scattered throughout the stackable bird cage. One dish is full of nuts, the other has fresh fruit, and still another is loaded with commercial pellets. Your pet spends his day in his scalloped top bird cage feasting like a king. While good nutrition is important, exercise is also critical. Instead of making your scalloped top bird cage look like a gourmet restaurant—try to make it look like a parrot gym.


Transforming your Playtop Bird Cages into a Parrot Gym

As you rearrange your parrot’s living quarters to encourage more exercise, you may want to consider a flight bird cage. Flight bird cages provide extra space and allow your pets to actually stretch their wings and fly. If you do not have room for a flight cage, be sure to buy the largest scalloped top bird cage or stackable bird cage you can afford. You may be able to afford larger scalloped top bird cages than you think. If you shop at Cages Under $500, you’ll be delighted with the size you can find at a great price.

Once you’ve purchased your scalloped top bird cages, fill them with exciting toys that encourage activity. Swings and ladders are great options. Balls, tunnels and perches will also promote movement. Once your cage is filled with these activity-generating toys, watch how trim and fit your parrot will become.