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Scalloped Top Birdcages

As the ancient proverb says, “Two is better than one.” This saying is not only true for people, but it also applies to the needs of parrots. Parrots are social creatures with a number of needs. One of their dominant needs is to be a part of a social structure. As a result, try to avoid placing your parrots in scalloped top birdcages or stacked birdcages by themselves. In addition, never place your stackable birdcages in an isolated room. Such isolation will make your parrot feel lonely, depressed and sad. Remember birds crave interaction.

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In the wild, parrots live in large flocks. Each flock member is a part of the group and has his or her own special place. Your parrot needs to learn his special place in your family. Try to do everything you can to make your parrot feel like part of the gang.

There are several ways to do this. In the first place, be sure to put your scalloped top birdcages or stacked birdcage in the center of family activity. The living room or family room is generally an ideal spot for your stackable birdcages. This allows your pet to be a part of normal family activities such as watching TV, entertaining guests or just hanging out together.


Take Your Parrots Out of Their Scalloped Top Birdcages Often

One of the best ways to make your parrot feel like part of the family is to let him out of his stackable birdcages or stacked birdcages for several hours a day. Figure out a schedule that works best for you and then stick with it. If you go to work later in the day, mornings may be the best time to open the door to your scalloped top birdcages and let your pet explore. Before letting your parrots out of their stacked birdcage or stackable birdcage, remove all hazards from the room. Windows should be closed and any open pools of water (such as a sink full of dishwater or the toilet) should be closed or drained. This will prevent unwanted accidents or messes. You may also want to remove any delicate items such as china or glassware from your counter and tables.

Once the coast is clear, open the door to your scalloped top birdcages and spend some quality time with your pets. You can play games with them, let them follow you around the house and just enjoy spending time together.