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Scalloped Top Birdcage

Living with parrots can be a great adventure. One thing is for certain; your life will never be dull or boring. These amazing creatures will keep you entertained and amused on a regular basis.

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The first step in successful parrot ownership is to determine what type of parrot would best suit your personality and what type of scalloped top birdcage or stackable birdcage you prefer for your home. The internet and your local library are great places to start when determining the proper species for you. Certain breeds are noisier than others. Some parrots, such as African Greys are skilled talkers, while others such as Parrotlets only speak a few words. Certain parrots are extremely colorful, others are plainer.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that a parrot is a parrot. That beautiful bird inside your stacked birdcages or scalloped top birdcage is a wild creature who naturally behaves in a certain way. If you want a long, happy relationship with your parrot, it’s critical that you try to understand them. So here are a few pointers to get you started.

1.       Parrots love to make a racket. Early in the morning and late at night you will hear your pet vocalizing in his scalloped top birdcage or stackable birdcage. This is completely normal. It’s how birds communicate with one another in the wild. On the other hand, if your bird gets in the habit of constantly screaming while in his scalloped top birdcage or stackable birdcages, he may be demonstrating a behavioral problem.


You’ll Be Cleaning Your Scalloped Top Birdcage All the Time!

2.       Parrots love to make a mess. This means you will need to clean your stackable birdcages or scalloped top birdcages daily. In fact, cleaning never ends when it comes to parrot keeping. But don’t misunderstand. Birds are not filthy, they’re just messy. In the wild, parrots are meticulous about keeping their nests neat and tidy. They drop unwanted food and feathers to the ground far away from their living quarters. In captivity, birds have no choice but to mess up their scalloped top birdcages or stacked birdcages. So it’s up to you to keep things tidy for them.