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Playtop Birdcage

You’ve just purchased your first playtop birdcage or scalloped top birdcage for your new parrot. You can’t wait to get everything set up so you can bring your beautiful pet home.

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As soon as you walk in the door with your playtop birdcage or stacked birdcage, you start wondering, “Where should I set this up?” “What room in the house would be best?” If you have a small house or apartment, selecting location for your playtop birdcages or stacked birdcages may be an easy choice. After all, there isn’t much room to choose from. However, if you have a well-sized house, selecting a location can be a bit more difficult. Should the playtop birdcage or scalloped top birdcage go in the living room or family room? Should it be placed in a corner or out in the open?


The Best Spot for Your Playtop Birdcage

The ideal spot for your playtop birdcage or stacked birdcages is the room where the family spends the most time. Usually, this is the living room. Most people relax, eat and watch TV in their living room each evening. It’s the center of family activity. As a result, its the best location for your playtop birdcage or scalloped top birdcages. If your bird is in the middle of your daily activities, he will feel like part of the family. On the other hand, if you set your stacked birdcages or playtop birdcage in an out-of-the-way bedroom, your pet will feel isolated as hears the laughter and conversation going on in the other rooms.

When setting up your playtop birdcages, avoid placing them directly in front of a window. During the winter months, windows let in too much draft and cold air. In the summer a window could become too warm causing your pet to overheat in his playtop birdcage or stacked birdcages.