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Play Top Birdcages

When it comes to your play to birdcages or scalloped top birdcages, it seems that you never have enough storage. You need so many supplies for your pet birds; it’s difficult to find a place to store everything. This includes cleaning supplies to keep the playtop birdcage and stacked birdcage sanitary. You also need a number of feeding dishes for your scalloped top birdcages and play top birdcage. Toys and other accessories are also important. Then there is the food.

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Storing food for your play top birdcages is a little trickier than storing supplies and toys. Seeds and fresh foods can easily spoil or lose their nutritional value if improperly stored. If you end up feeding your parrot spoiled food, he will become sickly or suffer from nutritional deficiencies. 


Storing Equipment for Your Play Top Birdcages

As you think of all the items you need, you begin to feel overwhelmed. Not only do you have to buy a decent scalloped top birdcage or playtop birdcage, you also need supplies and storage containers. You begin to anxiously bite your nails as you consider the cost. But take it easy! Everything does not have to be as expensive as you expect. There is a company called Cages Under 500 Dollars, who has made it their mission to make your bird-keeping hobby affordable and stress free. They offer dozens of play top birdcages, and scalloped top birdcages for under $500. Imagine that! When it comes to play top birdcages or a stacked birdcage, you could easily spend upwards of $3,000 on a single playtop birdcage. But this company offers some great deals and great quality birdcages.

You can also purchase a number of supplies from them at great prices. Some of their playtop birdcages come with a stand for storage.  If you decide not to buy a stand for your play top birdcages, you can find storage containers at your local Wal-mart or pet store.

A word of caution: When storing your birdseed or other food items, be sure to keep it in a dark, cool place. If the birdseed is exposed to moisture or heat it could spoil and lose its nutritional value.