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Play Top Birdcage

Dinner is served! Well, not quiet yet. Before you start shoving food into your new play top birdcage or stacked birdcage, it’s important to do a little observation.

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Food is the vital link between your bird and their health and longevity. If you feed your pet properly, they’ll enjoy a long, happy life inside their play top birdcage or scalloped top birdcage. On the other hand, if they receive poor nutrition, your scalloped top birdcages or playtop birdcages may become empty faster than you think.

So how can you be sure you are feeding your bird properly? In reality, this is not very difficult. It’s just common sense. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before serving breakfast to your pet in his stacked birdcage or play top birdcage.

1.       Is this food poisonous or dangerous for my pet? Not every fresh food is a healthy choice for birds. Certain plants or seeds may actually be harmful to them. Simply do some research before placing a certain food inside your play top birdcage or scalloped top birdcages.

2.       Is this food moldy or outdated? If you notice that your seed is covered in a whitish gray film, throw it out immediately. Don’t let it near your play top birdcage or stacked birdcage. Moldy or rotten food can make your bird exceptionally ill.


Feeding Time in Your Play Top Birdcage

Not only does meal time offer your pet the nutrition he needs to thrive, it also provides a great opportunity for you to build a better bond with your bird. You can hand feed your pet in his scalloped top birdcage or play top birdcage. Offer him a number of different foods and see what he likes best. Throw in a few treats now and then as well. Even if your bird is afraid of your hand at the moment, it’s still important to try to hand-feed him. Offering him a delicacy (such as sprayed millet) in his play top birdcage, may help your bird forget his fear of the human hand.