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Opentop Birdcage

Taking care of your parrot’s nutritional needs is one of the most important tasks of a bird owner. You want your birds to be healthy, robust and full of energy. Nothing is more pleasurable than seeing a happy, healthy bird winking at you from his opentop birdcage or play top birdcage.

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Here are a few tips for helping meet your pet’s nutritional needs:


Filling Your Opentop Birdcage With Healthy Feeding Choices

Fresh fruits and veggies are great snacks and additions to meals. Be sure to place a variety of healthy food choices in your pet’s scalloped top birdcage or opentop birdcage. Apples, strawberries and other fruits contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals. But not all birds will readily dine on these foods when you place them in their play top bird cages or scalloped top birdcages.


Certain birds are picky. Others have never developed a taste for fresh food. That’s okay. Be patient and encourage your bird to eat these foods. You may want to eat some fruit or veggies in front of your bird. This may ignite his curiosity and encourage him to taste the fruit. Once your bird pecks at an apple or strawberry, he’ll be hooked on the taste.


You can try several creative techniques to get your bird to taste fresh food. For example, you could hang some lettuce or herbs in his opentop birdcage or scalloped top birdcages. Your bird will soon become curious and peck at these items. Most important of all, keep offering your bird healthy food while in his opentop birdcage. Sooner or later, she should acquire a taste for these delicacies.