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Open Top Birdcages

As the old saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” While this is true for everyone, it is especially true for households with birds. Keeping your open top birdcages or play top birdcages clean must be a priority. Your parrot will appreciate a neat, tidy dwelling.

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However, your cleaning must extend beyond the parameters of the open top birdcages or play top birdcages. Your parrot has the ability to make your entire house smelly and dirty. Although birds are very small creatures, their presence will not be missed by anyone.


Keeping Your Open Top Birdcages Clean & Tidy

Every time your bird shakes his feathers, he spreads dust into the air. Some people are allergic to this dust and should avoid purchasing a bird all together. During molting season your bird will lose a lot of feathers, causing them to float all over the house. These will be replaced with fresh plumage—so never fear, you won’t have a bald bird sitting in your open top birdcage or play top birdcage.  However, the constant presence of bird dust makes it extra important to vacuum, sweep and dust regularly. If you fail to do this, your house will start to smell foul (no pun intended).  

Adhering to proper sanitation will not only keep your house and open top birdcages smelling fresh; it will also make you feel happier and healthier. Since parrots release droppings every 12-15 minutes, be sure to vacuum every time you let your parrot out of his open top birdcage or play top birdcage.

If you’re looking for open top birdcages or play top birdcages that are easy to clean, check out the brands offered by Cages Under 500 Dollars. Not only are these play top birdcages reasonably priced, they are also loaded with a number of convenient features. This includes things like pull out trays and floors for easy cleaning. You can purchase a number of different feeders that have seed catchers or hoods to prevent food from flying out of your open top birdcage or play top birdcage.