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Open Top Bird Cage

No doubt you want your parrots to be safe and content. You’ve heard that the type of open top birdcage or play top birdcage you purchase will have a major affect on your pet’s long-term happiness. Then you start wondering: “Wouldn’t my bird be happier living outside of a play top bird cage? Think of all the money I could save if I let my bird live in a cage-free environment. I wouldn’t have to worry about selecting an open top bird cage or figuring out the ideal size for my play top bird cages.”

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While a “cage-free” environment may sound romantic and humane, it is actually the opposite. In a word, it is dangerous!


Why You Need an Open Top Bird Cage

If you are at work or gone for an evening, you should never let your bird freely roam the house. He is much safer inside your open top bird cages or play top bird cages.  Believe it or not, your home is wrought with a million dangers. Standing water, household cleaners, swinging doorways and electrical cords are just a few of the things that can severely harm or kill your pet.

Not only is your bird safer inside his open top bird cage or play top bird cage, so are your household furnishings.  Parrots have powerful beaks that can cause frightening destruction. If you decide to let your parrots roam free, instead of placing them in open top bird cages, you may come home to a torn up sofa. Carpet, pillows, knick-knacks and family heirlooms can also fall prey to your bird’s beak.

If finances are a concern, you can find an extremely affordable open top bird cage or open top bird cages from Cages Under 500 Dollars. And yes, our company name reflects our prices. The majority of bird cages we sell fall under the $500 mark. In this way, anyone can afford play top bird cages or open top bird cages for their pets.

There is no question that keeping a parrot in an open top bird cage while you are not home is the safest thing to do. When it comes to bird ownership it is better to be safe than sorry. As you shop around, try to invest in the largest open top bird cage you can afford!