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Octagon Birdcage

While you may think parrots are a ceaseless bundle of activity, that’s not always the case.  Yes, parrots do hop, jump and play a lot in their octagon birdcage or open top birdcage. But they also require several rest periods each day, as they will tire themselves easily.

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In order to make sure your pet receives the rest he needs, try to arrange your octagon birdcages accordingly. Furniture, play items and sleeping material should all be neatly arranged in your opentop birdcages or play top birdcage.

Ideally, you should have a large enough octagon birdcage to have each “area” separate. Inexpensive large octagon birdcages or open top birdcages can be purchased from Cages Under 500 Dollars, While these open top birdcages and octagon birdcage are inexpensive, they are also great quality. Cages Under 500 Dollars is owned and operated by Cages By Design, the nation’s leading manufacture of custom-designed parrot enclosures. You won’t find a company that is more conscientious when it comes to quality. So you can shop with confidence.


Setting Up Your Octagon Birdcage

As mentioned earlier, try to arrange your octagon birdcage to suit your parrot’s activities. For example, place feeding and water dishes in one corner of the playtop birdcage or open top birdcage. Play items and fun accessories may go in the middle or another corner of the octagon birdcages or open top birdcages. As far as the sleeping arrangements, try placing these in the far back corner. Make this area peaceful and relaxing for your pets. Provide a number of different perches, a shady plant or a partial birdcage cover.

Some birds may roost on their favorite perch and peacefully doze off in their octagon birdcage. Others may get in a relaxed position and softly talk to themselves. Whatever your bird chooses to do—make sure you do your part by providing them with a cozy, comfortable “bedroom” spot in their octagon birdcage or play top birdcage.