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Flight Bird Cage

When it comes to moving to a new location, don’t forget to plan in advance for your parrot’s comfort and wellbeing. No doubt your bird is perfectly happy and comfortable with her existing flight bird cage or octagon bird cage. It’s been in the same spot with the same perches and accessories for several years. This flight bird cage and octagon bird cages feels like home to your parrot. But now things are going to change.

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When preparing for a move, it is essential that you make it as stress free as possible for your pet. Once your bird has gone through a smooth, non-traumatic move, he’ll be ready to breezes through the next one with no issues or fears.


Tips for Moving Your Bird and Flight Bird Cage

If you are simply moving down the street or across town, things should be fairly simple. You may want to place your bird in a temporary smaller flight bird cage, while you transport her larger one to your new home. You can get things set up so she is prepared to move right in. When re-assembling your flight bird cages or open-top bird cage, try to arrange it exactly the way it was in your old house. Place the perches on the same sides and the feeding and water dishes in the same area. Your bird will have plenty of new things to adjust to, so try to keep his flight bird cage or octagon bird cage relatively similar to what it was before. In this way, the new environment will hold some form of familiarity.

If you are moving to a different city or across the country, you will need to do some advance planning. When transporting the flight bird cages or octagon bird cages, be sure to pack all the pieces, toys and accessories. If the drive will take several days, book a pet-friendly hotel in advance. As soon as you get settled in your new place, you will need to look for a new avian veterinarian. It is always good to have someone lined up in the event of an emergency.

With proper planning you will be able to move your bird and his flight bird cage as short or far as need with no mishaps.