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Flight Birdcages

Here’s a little quiz for some of you new bird owners out there: What are some things parrots enjoy doing most?

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As a hint, think about what your parrot does in his octagon birdcage or flight birdcages all day.

Obviously, birds love to eat. Every parrot owner will tell you how messy the octagon birdcage becomes at meal time.

Another obvious answer is that parrots love to play. Your parrot may shred toys and chase balls in his flight birdcages for hours on end. He also loves when you open the door to his opentop birdcage or octagon birdcages and start playing with him.

Finally, it is reasonable to assume that most parrots love to fly. If your pets are fortunate enough to have flight birdcages, no doubt you’ve seen them indulge in this natural activity over and over again.

Here’s another thing that parrots not only love but desperately need—to listen to their owners talk. Just as it is critical that you talk to your children and spouse, it is also important to talk to your bird while he is in his flight birdcages or roaming the house with you.


Talking to Your Pet In his Flight Birdcages

Parrots love the sound of their owner’s voice. In fact, listening to you talk, is one of the ways they learn to speak. Talking to your bird reassures him that you love him. It also creates a sense of loyalty between you. Try to talk to your bird in his octagon birdcage or open top birdcage as often as possible. Every morning as you get up and pass by your pet’s octagon birdcages or open top birdcages, spend a few moments to greet your pet. Whenever you come home from work, do the same thing. If you read your children a bedtime story, let your parrots out of their flight birdcages and allow them to listen. If you don’t have any children, consider reading your parrots a bedtime story. Some birds may listen so closely that they’ll soon have the entire book memorized. Bottom line: be sure to talk to your bird in his flight birdcages frequently. This will help you develop a closer bond, and it will help your pet expand his vocabulary.