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Flight Birdcage

Healthy parrots love to play as often as young children do. And they are just as inventive in their games. If you want to keep your pets happy, it is essential that you provide them with plenty of play things. Be sure to fill their flight birdcage or octagon birdcage with a number of stimulating items. Balls, spinning tops, swinging toys, rope toys and other items are great for parrots. Most birds are highly efficient at keeping themselves entertained in their flight birdcages or octagon birdcages. However, it is also important that you play with your parrot. Birds, just like people, don’t like to play alone all the time.

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Playing with Your Parrot in His Flight Birdcage

It goes without saying, that you cannot be your bird’s companion 100% of the time. You still need to go to work, pick up the groceries and run a number of errands. Most likely you will be gone anywhere from 9-15 hours a day. But that’s okay. Your bird can entertain himself while you are gone. Just be sure to provide him with a spacious flight birdcage or open top birdcage. The extra space will give your pet plenty of room to play with his toys.

You can find some affordably-prices flight birdcages and open top birdcages from Cages Under 500 Dollars. This company offers a flight birdcage or open top birdcage in a number of different sizes—small medium and large. It is important to purchase an octagon birdcage or flight birdcage that is large enough for your pet. The bigger your bird, the larger his flight birdcage must be.

When you are home, be sure to set aside some time to play with your bird every night. Take him out of his flight birdcage or open top birdcage and indulge in some games. Most parrots love to balance themselves. One activity is to take a pencil or stick, let your bird sit on it and slowly walk around the room as he tries to balance himself.

A Word of Caution: if you indulge in this game, be sure your bird’s wings are not clipped so short that he cannot catch himself if he falls. You should also limit this activity to small, lightweight birds to avoid accidently dropping your parrot.

When it comes to games, use your creativity and have fun. Before long, your bird will eagerly look forward to coming out of his flight birdcage and playing with you.