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Dometop Birdcages

Have you ever thought about putting a mirror in your parrots dometop birdcages or octagon birdcages? If not, it may be something worth thinking about. Mirrors provide birds with a lot of entertainment. They can even serve as a companion to a lonely parrot in his flight birdcage or octagon birdcage.

This may sound wild—but it’s true, mirrors can be great for parrots.

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Putting a Mirror In Your Dometop Birdcages

So what’s the value of a mirror in your flight birdcage or dometop birdcages?

In the first place, it can serve as a source of entertainment. Birds love to sit in their dome topbirdcages staring at themselves in the mirror.

Secondly, it serves as a source of companionship. Wouldn’t you get lonely if you had no one else to talk to or look at all day long? So would your bird. When a bird looks at himself in the mirror, he doesn’t realize it’s himself—he thinks he has a companion living in his flight birdcage or octagon birdcage. A male will try to feed the mirror if he does not have a female companion. And a female parrot will do the same thing if she has no chicks.

Of course, a mirror may not always be the best thing for every parrot. Some birds may think their dometop birdcages are being invaded by an intruder. If your pet feels threatened by his own image, he may viciously attack the mirror in an effort to force the intruder to leave.

If your pet enjoys the company of a mirror in his octagon birdcage or flight birdcage, you may want to hang one next to his perch. Your bird will feel like he has a companion next to him when he sleeps and rests.

As time goes on, keep an eye out to make sure the mirror does not crack or shatter. If you notices any cracks, replace the mirror immediately in order to avoid any injury to your bird.