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Dometop Bird Cage

Like every responsible pet owner, you want to take good care of your birds. As someone who has to work for a living, you understand the importance of keeping your bird entertained while he is in his dometop bird cage or flight bird cage, especially when you are not home. You’ve heard from several sources that it is extremely unwise to let your parrots sit around in flight bird cages or an octagon bird cage that doesn’t have any toys. Being the creative person that you are, you decide to spice up your bird’s toy chest by adding some unusual household items. You know your pet is going to have a blast in his dometop bird cage while you are at work.

Being creative is always a good thing, so long as you exercise common sense. Not everything that seems like a toy is actually appropriate for your bird. In fact, some items can be dangerous.


Toys You Should Never Put in Your Dometop Bird Cage

Avoid any item that contains zinc, as this can poison your bird. Objects that are made from galvanized steel are generally coated with iron in order to prevent rust. As your bird chews on the metal, he will begin to absorb the zinc into his bloodstream. Nothing is worse than waking up to find a sick or dead bird in your dometop bird cage or flight cage.

You should avoid giving your bird any type of wood that has been treated with chemicals. If you want to provide your pet with a limb to chew on while in his dometop bird cages or flight bird cages, cut one from the wild. Be sure the tree or plant is not poisonous. Frayed rope and brittle plastic can cause your bird to choke himself. Key rings are not good play items as your bird can get his toe or foot caught.

If you use your common sense and take a few precautionary measures, you should be able to find plenty of toys lying around the house that your bird will love. The truth is, the greater variety of toys you provide, the happier your bird will be. Try to rotate the toys in and out of your parrots dometop bird cage or octagon bird cage every week or two. This will help keep your bird happy and entertained.