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Dome Top Bird Cages

You’re sitting at your desk, paper in hand, penciling out how much it will cost to prepare for your new pet parrot. Even though you are on a budget, you don’t want to skimp. You want to provide your parrots with spacious dome top bird cages and flight bird cages, plenty of toys, nutritious food and other accessories. There is no question that providing for a bird can be expensive. Thankfully there are several resources to help you out. A dome top bird cage or flight bird cages doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Cages Under 500 Dollars offers a number of handsome dometop bird cages and several flight bird cages at reasonable rates. Believe it or not, most of their dome top bird cages are under $500.

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Finding Inexpensive Accessories for your Dome Top Bird Cages

Accessories are also important when it comes to a flight bird cage or dometop bird cage. Items such as feeders, trays and perches are often a one-time deal. Once you buy them, you have them for a while. But toys are another story. It’s simply not practical to buy 6 or 7 toys for your dome top bird cages and expect your parrot to be happy with them for the next 8 months. The reality is he’ll probably destroy over half of the toys within a few weeks. If you’re on a budget, how can you fill your dometop bird cages or flight cages with exciting toys on a regular basis? All you have to do is use your creativity to find dozens of free toys floating around your house. For example:

·         Parrots love playing with crumbled newspaper. Toss a few balls into their dome top bird cage and watch them have at it.

·         Your parrot may get a kick out of playing with a wooden spoon or straws. Of course you may find hundreds of wood splinters and plastic parts scattered throughout the dome top bird cages when he is done.

·         Clothespins. Birds love anything made of wood and these little gadgets are ideal!

See how easy it is to find cheap toys? Simply use your creativity and imagination to fill your dome top bird cages with exciting play items.