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Dome Top Bird Cage

When it comes to parrots, you don’t have to know too much to understand that these creatures love to play. In fact, toys are indispensable to a bird’s mental and emotional health. As you select a dome top bird cage or flight cage for your pet, be sure to allow plenty of room for toys and playthings.

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If your dome top bird cage or dome top bird cages only have a few toys, they are a recipe for boredom. A parrot who is bored will become aggressive, destructive and depressed. They could literally rip their flight cage or dome top bird cage apart. Macaws and other large breeds are especially good at this. Your parrot may plant himself deep inside his dome top bird cages, threatening to attack any one who comes near. Some inexperienced owners have become so terrified of their bird they’ve failed to provide proper care. Finally, depressed parrots will sit in their dome top bird cages or flight cage, hopelessly plucking their feathers away. Your dome top bird cage will become littered with beautiful feathers, leaving you with a bald, sometimes bloody, bird.

The good news is there is a simple way to prevent much of this devastating behavior. All you need are toys!


Fill Your Dome Top Bird Cage With Lots of Toys!

Notice that we said toys, not a toy. That’s right birds need dozens of toys of all different kinds. You cannot buy a cheap toy at Petco, stick it in your dome top bird cage or dome top bird cages and call it good. Instead, strive for a whole chest-full of toys. Toys should be rotated in and out of the bird cage on a regular basis to prevent boredom and disinterest.

If you are able to keep the toys in your dome top bird cage fresh and interesting, your parrot will be one of the happiest on the block. Toys do not have to be fancy or expensive. Simple toys will work fine so long as they provide some type of mental stimulation and entertainment. Rope toys, swings and pieces of wood all make wonderful play items.