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Dome Top Birdcages

You may think that keeping your parrots dome top birdcage or flight birdcage clean on a regular basis is a tiresome chore. You may get tired of constantly purchasing new toys to keep your parrot entertained and happy. It may seem exhausting to let your pet out of his dometop birdcage or octagon birdcage every day to make sure he gets enough exercise and attention. Yes, no one said parrot ownership was easy. But think of the rewards…

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You get a loyal companion for many years—possibly even decades. Your parrot makes you laugh at the gimmicks he performs in his dome top birdcages. He makes you smile when you’re feeling down. Her singing, whistling and talking is highly amusing. Despite the challenges, you are proud to be a parrot owner. All the money, time and effort you put into your parrot suddenly seems worth it.

Nevertheless, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to raise a bird that is a joy to be around. It’s not difficult, it just requires commitment. For example, let’s say you want your pet to talk as he sits in his dometop birdcages or flight birdcage. Even that requires effort on your part!


Teaching your Parrots to Talk in Their Dome Top Birdcages

Many birds learn to talk on their own. Others need some coaxing and teaching. The exciting thing is that helping your bird learn to talk is not difficult. One of the simplest ways is to accomplish this task is to talk to your bird. By the way, that’s how your kids learned to speak—by listening to you ever since they were babies.

Most parrots repeat words they hear often. If you always say “hello” to your bird as you open their dome top birdcages, they will most likely learn this word. The key is to repeat the words you are teaching often. Before long your parrots will pick them up. This is a great activity to do with your pets as they are perched in their flight birdcages or octagon birdcage. Many parrot owners teach their birds their phone number in case they get lost. Believe it or not—this can actually help a lost parrot get home safely.