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Dome Top Birdcage

People aren’t the only ones who have fears. Pets do too, and parrots are no exception.  In order to keep your pet physically, mental and emotionally happy, be sure he has all the comforts available in his dome top birdcage or flight birdcage.

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Believe it or not, some parrots may develop a fear of the dark. If you notice your bird thrashing around his dome top birdcage or dometop birdcages as soon as the lights are turned out, you may want to invest in a nightlight. Never leave your bird alone and allow him to thrash. Thrashing around the flight birdcage or dome top birdcages can cause toe, foot and wing injuries. When a bird is overwhelmed with fear, he won’t realize he is hurting himself.  

A small nightlight can do wonders to calm your pet and help him relax in his dome top birdcage.


Making Your Dome Top Birdcage a Safe, Happy Place

As a parrot owner, your main goal should be to make your dome top birdcages and flight birdcages a paradise for your pets. The first step is to invest in the biggest dome top birdcage or flight birdcage you can afford. Your pet should have ample room to walk around and play. If your bird feels crammed in his dometop birdcages, he will quickly become unhappy. If you are worried about cost, do some research to find the most affordable dometop birdcages on the market. Cages Under 500 Dollars is a phenomenal resource. You can find a variety of dome top birdcages for reasonable prices. The quality is also top of the line.

The next step is to fill your dome top birdcage or flight birdcage with dozens of colorful toys, perches and play items. These will keep your pet physically and mentally engaged for hours.

Finally, in order to keep your pet as happy as can be, try to spend at least 2-3 hours a day with him. Let your parrot out of his dometop birdcage as soon as you come home from work. Allow him to follow you around the house as you make dinner and straighten the furniture.