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Divided Bird Cage

Do male or female parrots make better pets? This is a question many new bird owners have. Thankfully it is relatively simple to answer. Most parrots, regardless of sex, make great pets. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, most parrots will be relatively happy with a spacious divided bird cage or dome top bird cage. The exception would be cockatoos. Male cockatoos can be a bit aggressive and are not ideal for the novice bird owner.

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Another great tidbit is that both male and female parrots of a certain species are relatively the same size. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing larger-than normal dome top bird cages or divided bird cages for your male pets.

Choosing the Ideal divided Cage for Your Parrots

Unless you are planning on breeding parrots, you don’t need to worry too much about whether it is male or female. If you are exceptionally curious, your veterinarian can do a blood test to determine your bird’s sex. Otherwise, it is better to focus on selecting and setting up the ideal dome top bird cage or divided bird cage for your new friend. Here are a few pointers to help you select ideal divided bird cages or dome top bird cages:

·         Size does matter. Purchase the largest divided bird cage or dometop cage you can afford./ If you think you can’t afford anything in the extra large category, try shopping at

·         Bar spacing is an important factor in keeping your divided bird cages or dome top bird cages safe. Before ordering your bird cage, be sure you know what kind of parrot you intend to get. The smaller the bird, the smaller the wire spacing should be. Proper wire spacing helps prevent your pet from getting tuck between bars.

·         Pick a color that suits your fancy. Your bird doesn’t care what color his dome top bird cage or divided bird cage is. SO select something that is appealing to you. At Cages Under 500 you have a variety of colors to choose from including sandstone, charcoal, off-white, textured green, textured blue and forest green.