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Divided Birdcage

Most birds love to bathe. In fact, this is one of the things they enjoy doing most. Birds spend an exorbitant amount of time sitting in their dometop birdcages or divided birdcages, preening their feathers and keeping their plumage well-groomed. It’s important to provide your pet with the opportunity to bathe in his divided birdcage. Yes, it may create a mess, but it will make your bird happy and it will help keep your divided birdcage and flight birdcage smelling fresh.

Divided Birdcage
One simple way to allow your bird to take a bath in his divided birdcage or dometop birdcage is to fill a shallow pan half full of warm water. You’ll get a kick out of watching your bird splash around. Shallow pans work great for smaller parrots. If you own one of the larger breeds, it’s better to let them bathe outside in a flight birdcage. This will keep the mess in your house to a minimum.

 A second option is to move the divided birdcages from the living room to the kitchen or wash room where there is tile flooring.

If you’re worried about how you will transport your divided birdcage or dometop birdcage across the house, you’ll be glad to learn that there are options. The best solution is to purchase a divided birdcage or dometop birdcages that have castors on the bottom. All you have to do is roll your birdcage across the carpet or floor. Many of the divided birdcages and dometop birdcages offered by Cage Sunder 500 Dollars come fully equipped with castors.


Bathing Keeps Your Divided Birdcage Smelling Fresh

Everyone gets dirty. If we don’t bathe, we start to smell. The same holds true for parrots. Nothing is worse than the smell of a filthy bird or dirty flight cage. In order to avoid this problem, clean your divided birdcage on a regular basis and allow your pet to bath frequently. Your bird will love you for this! And you won’t have to worry about a smelly bird polluting your home. Plus, don’t forget—you cannot use air fresheners or scented candles in your house so long as you have a parrot. Many of these scents are toxic and can kill your bird. So it’s best to stick with good old fashioned bathing and cleaning!