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Corner Bird Cages

It is always good to do your research before jumping into something new. When you are purchasing a pet parrot for the first time, research is one of the wisest things you can do. At this point, let’s assume that you have already examined your motives and are determined to buy a feathered friend. You’ve even purchased some corner bird cages and a dome top bird cage. Your divided bird cage is nicely assembled and properly furnished, just begging for an occupant.

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Your next step is just that—finding the perfect parrot for you and your family. Even if you’ve already decided on the type of parrot you plan to purchase, it is important to remember that parrots are individuals. Every one is different. For example, you may want an African Grey Parrot. You’ve purchased large corner bird cages and divided bird cages in order to provide your pets with plenty of space. However, just because African Greys are known to be skilled talkers, doesn’t mean yours will speak exceptionally well. It’s important to allow for individual differences and to love your bird for who he is.


Finding the Right Parrots for your Corner Bird Cages

Once you find a parrot that seems perfect for you, be sure to ask these simple questions:

1.       What is his/her personality like? Is your bird moody or cheery? Is she the type of bird that will be content in her divided bird cage or dome top bird cage while you are at work? Or does she become restless when confined. Does the parrot enjoy being handled or would he rather play in his divided bird cage alone.

2.       Does she have any behavioral problems? Everyone has bad habits, but it’s nice to know up front what they are. If you are purchasing your parrot from a breeder or a previous owner, they should be able to tell you the positives and negatives about your bird. For example, if the Macaw you’re considering has already destroyed 3 of his corner bird cages or divided bird cages, you may want to keep looking.

3.       Was she hand-raised or caught in the wild? A hand-raised parrot will be more docile and tame than one that was recently caught in the wild. If you are new to parrot –keeping, avoid a wild-caught bird until you are more experienced. It will be much harder for a previously wild parrot to live happily in a dometop bird cage or corner bird cages.