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Corner Birdcages

You can’t wait to get acquainted with your new parrots. You have their corner birdcages and divided birdcages thoroughly prepared, just waiting for their arrival.

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However, unless you purchased hand-raised parrots be prepared to deal with your bird’s shyness. Parrots are not domesticated animals by nature. They are use to living in the wild, not in a dometop birdcage or corner birdcage. Upon arriving at his new home, your pet will be scared, timid and thoroughly confused. So it’s important that you take your time taming and training him. The patience and devotion you show at this early stage in the game will pay off in dividends down the road.

As soon as you bring your bird home, place him in the corner birdcages or dometop birdcages. Allow him to walk around and familiarize himself with his new surroundings. Don’t push your pet too hard. Give him plenty of time to become comfortable with his dived birdcage or corner birdcages.


Making Your Corner Birdcages Feel Like Home

Before bringing your parrot home, be sure the corner birdcages are filled with fresh food, water, toys and perches. There should also be adequate lighting and plenty of warmth.  

Over the next few weeks, talk softly to your bird as you clean the corner birdcages or dometop birdcages. Gently place your hands on the side of the divided birdcages or dometop birdcages several times a day. This will help your pet understand that your hands are not a threat. It is also important to offer your pet treats in his corner birdcages or divided birdcage. Millet spray, fresh fruit or veggies are great treats that most birds will readily accept. Within a few weeks your pet will start to trust you and reward you with his loyalty. The most important thing is to be patient and kind as you seek to tame your pet. It will be well-worth the effort.