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Corner Birdcage

When it comes to choosing the right birdcage for your home, you want something with a little style—something that stands out and pops. You can’t afford a fancy divided birdcage or dome top birdcage, but you prefer a parrot enclosure that has some class.

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If you’re looking for stylish birdcages at an affordable rate, you can’t do better than the corner birdcages and dome top birdcages offered by Cages Under 500 Dollars.


Corner Birdcages For Every Type of Home

Here is a sampling of the types of corner bird cages we offer:

1.       The 8000 Corner birdcage

This stunning corner birdcage is ideal for large species such as Macaws and African Greys. It is 52"W x 52"D x 73"H so there is plenty of room for your pet to stretch his muscles in this stainless steel birdcage.



2.       CFDS-8001 Octagon Cage
The octagon corner birdcage is perfect for tight corners and hallways. So if space is limited, this stainless steel birdcage may be the ideal option. It is 36"W x 36"D x 67"H and can easily house several medium sized birds.

3.        CFAE-1001 Pentagon Corner Cage

 This corner birdcage is perfect for anyone who wants stainless steel birdcages or flight birdcages with class and style. Each flight birdcage is uniquely shaped, giving it a more prestigious appearance. Great for large breed parrots! Its dimensions are: 61"W x 48"D x 73"H

Regardless of the type of corner birdcage or stainless steel birdcage you are looking for, Cages Under 500 Dollars can meet your needs. The company is owned and operated by Cages By Design, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of bird cages in the industry. So you can rest assured you’re receiving great flight birdcages, at great prices…and you are guaranteed great customer service.