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Bird Carriers

You’ve spent the past several weeks ordering all the supplies you need for your new pet parrot. You’ve gone over your list a dozen times, hoping you didn’t forget anything. You are satisfied with the breeder birdcage and corner birdcage you purchased. You’ve order a stand for your corner birdcages, so you should have plenty of storage space for extra dishes and toys. Last week, you went down to your local bird store and spent more than you care to admit on bird toys and accessories. Your refrigerator is stocked with healthy fruits and veggies to feed your bird as snacks. You’ve also researched the best commercial diet you could find.

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Sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot. But one item is missing. What is it? Have you ever considered the need to o purchase bird carriers for your pets? If you never thought of this don’t feel bad. Many people forget this item completely. But it is essential. Here’s why:

3 Reasons Why You Need Bird Carriers

Breeder birdcages or a divided birdcage allows you to house your pet long term. It provides him with a spacious roomy habitat where he can live in peace and happiness. Bird carriers allow you to safely transport your [pet whenever needed. You need bird carriers too…

1.       Take your pets to the veterinarian. If your pet becomes ill, he will need to see an avain veterinarian. Unless you have a vet who makes housecalls, you will need to remove your parrot from his breeder birdcage or divided birdcage and personally drive home to the office. A bird carrier allows you to transport your pet safely and efficiently.

2.       Give Your Pet a Treat—Every pet enjoys time outside of their corner birdcages or breeder birdcages. Give your pet a ride in the car or simply take them to a nearby park in their bird carriers.

So where can you find these bird carriers? The cheapest place is Cages Under 500 Dollars. There bird carriers are well0-designed, easy to clean and great for any bird. It is 18"W x 19"D x 20"H, and even comes with a perch and two feeder cups. The entire unit is collapsible so you can easily store it when you are not using it.