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Aviary Cages


Birds love to fly and stretch their wings. In fact, they were made to fly. Flying is extremely important fro birds for a number of reasons:

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1. It keeps them physically fit. Like any living creature birds need exercise. And the best way for them to get it is to use their wings.


2. It keeps them psychologically healthy. Some birds literally become depressed when they are prevented from flying.


3. It’s natural. When you think bird you automatically connect that with wings and flying. Nature intended for birds to use their wings. A large parrot cage should give your pet plenty of room to engage in this sport.


As you look through your budget, you wonder if you can actually afford aviary cages. After all many companies selling cheap birdcages only offer limited selection. 


Aviary Cages for Any Budget

Cages Under 500 Dollars offers a variety of wholesale bird cages and cheap birdcages to choose from. Our aviary cages are perfect for finches, conures, parrotlets and small macaws. Some of these discounted bird cages run as low as $184.95.


These aviary cages also provide ample space for plenty of parrot accessories, such as feeders, toys, ropes, swings and hanging toys. The great thing about each large parrot cage is that it has a removable floor. This allows you to quickly and easily keep your inexpensive bird cage clean and free from debris.