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Large Bird Cages : Pentagon Corner Bird Cage - 61"W x 48"D x 73"H : CFDS-1001

Large Bird Cages : Pentagon Corner Bird Cage - 61
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Pentagon Corner Cage - 61"W x 48"D x 73"H
Perfect for: Macaws, Cockatoos, Hyacinth, Amazons, Eclectus
Bird aviary pictured in Charcoal, but available in the colors shown below.
Wonderful huge birdcage for large birds such as Hyacinth's, Cockatoos, Macaws and African Grey's! A gorgeous yet functional decorative bird cage, this Pentagon corner cage will make an excellent flight cage for your feathered friends. Thick bars and big bar spacing make the birdcage very suitable for birds with very strong beaks. It also has 4 Stainless Steel bowls on swing out feeder doors that allow you to change food, water and other bird-supplies without ever even having to go into the aviary cages! Great if you have someone watching your bird while you are out of town - safe and easy to feed and with no possibility of escape! Pull out floors and trays also make cleaning huge bird enclosures such as this easy, as trays and floors both come out also without opening the bird aviary door! Seed skirts also keep anything falling from any of our bird cages from getting on the floor! Heavy duty casters make moving decorative bird cages such as this one easy, and the angled shape makes these great corner bird enclosures a centerpiece in any room!

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Pentagon Corner Bird Cage - 61"W x 48"D x 73"H : CFDS-1001 CFDS-1001
Large Bird Cages :
Exterior: 61"W x 48"D x 73"H
 - 2 Back Panels 40"W, 3 Front Panels 22"W
Interior: 59"W x 44"D x 72.25"H
Bar Spacing: 1"
Bar Thickness: 5.0 mm
Weight: 221 lbs
- Interior perch
- 4 Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls
- 2 Removable Seed Trays
- 2 Removable Grates
- Seed Catchers
- Large Main Access Door

Regular Price: $902.70
 On Sale For: $632.95 
Cage Cover for CFDS-1001
Cage Cover for CFDS-1001

Custom-size cage covers provide a dark and secure environment for promoting sleep for your animal. Made of a durable, light-weight non-toxic poly-cotton fabric, our cage covers are machine washable. Why spend an hour trying to drape a sheet or blanket over your large cage when you could put one of these covers on in minutes. The patented design features a flap that falls over the front of the cage that serves several functions. Secured on both sides with Velcro, the flap is easily lifted to allow cage door access without removal of the cover! This design also makes the application and removal of our covers so easy!

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Price: $328.45 

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