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Large Bird Cages : Large Scalloped Top Bird Cage - 48"W x 35"D x 78"H : CFDS-3000

Large Bird Cages : Large Scalloped Top Bird Cage - 48
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Large Scalloped Top Bird Cage - 48"W x 35"D x 78"H
Perfect large bird cages : Makes great Parrot cages, Cockatoo cages, Toucan cages, or even a great African Grey cage!
This large bird cage is pictured in Forest Green
This beautiful big bird cage is almost 7ft tall, and is a great size for awesome Toucan cages, Parrot cages, Cockatoo cage, or even makes an amazing African Grey cage! Thick bars and big bar spacing makes this the perfect aviary for escape-prone birds with strong beaks! Four stainless steel feeding bowls also come with the birdcage, and are attached to the feeding station doors which swing out in almost all our bird aviaries to allow you to refill food, water, pellets and treats without having to go into our bird cages. A breeding door also allows you access our custom bird cages without having to open the large main door. A fold down veranda top also makes a great play area for your birds in the aviary, and the seed skirt that goes around the almost all of our custom bird cages catches any mess falling from the bird cages! Heavy duty casters also make moving this goliath CFDS-3000 birdcage a breeze and the pull out floor and two tray system makes any clean up easy!
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Breeder Door Side
Feeding Station
Pull Out Trays and Floors
Fold Down Top
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Large Scalloped Top Bird Cage - 48"W x 35"D x 78"H : CFDS-3000 CFDS-DT483578-3000
Large Bird Cage Dimensions:
Exterior: 48"W x 35"D x 78"H
Bar Spacing: 1.248"
Bar Thickness: 5.0 mm
Large Bird Cages :

- Large Scalloped Top Cage

- Front Top Center Panel Folds Down

- 4 Feeder Doors with Deep Stainless Bowls
- Breeder door

- 1 Perch

- Seed Guards

- Removable Grate and Seed Tray

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